New Board of Directors for 2023-2025

The Antietam Institute recently held its first re-election of the Board of Directors since it was created in 2021. The Executive Board members are:

  • Chris Vincent – President
  • Jim Rosebrock – Vice President
  • Miriam Cunningham – Secretary
  • Mac Bryan – Treasurer

Returning Board members are:

  • Matthew Borders
  • James Buchanan
  • Lucas Cade
  • Brian Downey
  • Brad Gottfried
  • Laura Marfut
  • Michael McCartney
  • Kevin Pawlak
  • Gary Rohrer
  • Randy Short

New board members are:

  • Tom McMillian
  • Jim Smith
  • John Schildt

See a complete list of current board members at About the Institute.

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