New Board of Directors for 2023-2025

The Antietam Institute recently held its first re-election of the Board of Directors since it was created in 2021. The Executive Board members are:

  • Chris Vincent – President
  • Jim Rosebrock – Vice President
  • Miriam Cunningham – Secretary
  • Mac Bryan – Treasurer

Returning Board members are:

  • Matthew Borders
  • James Buchanan
  • Lucas Cade
  • Brian Downey
  • Brad Gottfried
  • Laura Marfut
  • Michael McCartney
  • Kevin Pawlak
  • Gary Rohrer
  • Randy Short

New board members are:

  • Tom McMillian
  • Jim Smith
  • John Schildt

See a complete list of current board members at About the Institute.


Founder’s Award

On the two-year anniversary of the founding of the Antietam Institute, Vice President Jim Rosebrock surprised President Chris Vincent at the February Board meeting with the presentation of the Founder’s Award recognizing Chris’s outstanding leadership and his vision and central role in establishing the Institute.

In its two years of existence, the Institute has steadily grown to over 230 members. It has sponsored four educational events, published the critically acclaimed Brigades of Antietam, and established the Antietam Journal., a scholarly publication distributed semiannually that promotes further study and research into the Maryland Campaign. Under Chris’s leadership, the Institute also created an internship program with Shepherd University, donated thousands of dollars to several important historical preservation efforts in the region, and established the Historical Research Center, an online repository of reference materials related to the Maryland Campaign.

The Founder’s Award is a one-time special award conceived by and paid for by Board members to recognize and thank Chris for his outstanding efforts.