2022 Honor Guard Event

The second annual appreciation event for members at the Honor Guard/Lifetime ($1,000) level was held on September 10.  Noted historian and author Kevin Pawlak kicked off the event with a tour of the Battle of Shepherdstown. The excursion included a stop at the Osbourne Farm, an historic property encompassing the majority of the battlefield, yet rarely seen by the public and only recently rescued from developers. Wine, food and music at Antietam Creek Vineyards, located along the final attack route on Branch Avenue and owned by one of the Institute’s Corporate Sponsors, followed the tour.

Starting the tour at Ferry Hill Place, the childhood home of Henry Kyd Douglas

Kevin Pawlak provided an excellent tour of the Battle of Shepherdstown and the conclusion of the Maryland Campaign. Here are some highlights of the tour at the Shepherdstown Ford and the Osbourne Farm.

Group photo at the Osbourne Farm
L to R: Bill Lowe, Lucas Cade, Mike Crume, Darin & Jan Wipperman, Erin Short, Chris Vincent, Jim Rosebrock. Jim Buchanan, Kevin Pawlak, Laura & Ed Marfut, Joe Stahl, and Sharon Murray. Randy Short photographer. Also attending the event at the winery were Miriam Cunningham, Amy Vincent and Julie Cade

It was a wonderful time at Antietam Creek Vineyards. Thanks to Joan, George and Kim.

Laura thanks Kevin for a great hike.
President Chris Vincent highlighted some of the activities the Institute has been conducting over the summer.

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