The Artillery of Antietam

The companion volume to The Brigades of Antietam, this book provides a comprehensive overview of every artillery unit in both armies—including all the divisional artillery batteries and Artillery Reserve of the Army of the Potomac and the divisional artillery battalions and general reserve artillery battalions of the Army of Northern Virginia.

The artillery played an important role in the many engagements of the campaign, especially at Antietam. One artillerist called the fighting on September 17, simply, ‘Artillery Hell.’ Each unit is covered in detail, including its formation and history, commander, armament, and its role in the Maryland Campaign.

The book draws extensively on primary sources, using a wealth of first-person accounts. James Rosebrock, historian and Antietam Certified Battlefield Guide, is the author of all of the entries; he has been assisted by series editor, Bradley Gottfried.

The Artillery of Antietam is scheduled to be published in the winter 2022-2023.