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Coming in the next issue of the Antietam Journal is Volume IV in March 2023.

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The Editor’s Column

This issue of the Antietam Journal by Kevin R. Pawlak

Antietam Institute Announcements

Feature Articles

Confederate Defeat at South Mountain: Robert E. Lee’s Moment of hesitation on the Morning of September 14, 1862 by Alexander B. Rossino

Caution East of Frederick: McClellan in the Early Part of the Maryland Campaign by Darin Wipperman

Solving the Mystery of Two Antietam Regimental Commanders by Frank Bell

In Their Own Words

Voices of Sharpsburg’s Civilians – Mary Ellen Piper by Steven Cowie

Antietam Artifacts

Reunion Ribbons of the 130th Pennsylvania Infantry by Jon Tracy

In Antietam’s Footsteps

J.E.B. Stuart’s Chambersburg Raid by J. O. Smith

Institute Interview

Sitting Down with Dr. Thomas Clemens by Laura Marfut

On Potomac’s Waters by John Schildt

Book Reviews

Contributor Biographies

Antietam Institute Membership Honor Roll

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