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Coming in the next issue of the Antietam Journal is Volume V in September 2023.

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The Editor’s Column
This issue of the Antietam Journal by Kevin R. Pawlak . . . . . .

Antietam Institute Announcements . . .

Feature Articles
Antietam’s Signatory: HENRY WINTERS NY by Tom & Colleen McMillan

“Credit to which it is entitled”: Perspectives on the Artillery at the Battle of Antietam
by James A. Rosebrock

The Cast Iron Brigade
by Sharon Murray

In Their Own Words
“It Shall Be Preserved”
by W. Charles Young

Antietam Artifacts
Sergeant Edward Brackett’s Belt Buckle
by Nicholas P. Picerno

In Antietam’s Footsteps
Antietam’s 5th Maryland Monument
by J.O. Smith

Institute Interview
Sitting Down with Dr. Susan Trail
by Laura Marfut

Book Reviews

Contributor Biographies

Antietam Institute Membership Honor Roll

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