Major General Abner Doubleday of 17th Regular Army Infantry Regiment, in uniform


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Major General Abner Doubleday of 17th Regular Army Infantry Regiment, in uniform

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A bust-portrait photograph of Union Major General Abner Doubleday in uniform with added notation

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Bust-portrait photograph of General in uniform

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Notation on recto: "Doubleday. Who fired the first gun, with the determination, that traitors to the Stars & Stripes - must & shall be put down, trodden, if need be into dust."
Brigadier General Abner Doubleday
(1819 - 1893)
Home State: New York
Education: US Military Academy, West Point, NY, Class of 1842
Command Billet: Commanding Division
Branch of Service: Infantry
Unit: 1st Division, I Corps
On the Campaign-He was in command of the 1st Division of I Corps and saw heavy action with his Division in the Cornfield and West Woods early on the 17th. He had assumed command of the Division after Brig. Gen. Hatch was wounded at South Mountain.

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