Confederate Military History: a library of Confederate States history, in twelve volumes, written by distinguished men of the South (Vol. 4)


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Confederate Military History: a library of Confederate States history, in twelve volumes, written by distinguished men of the South (Vol. 4)

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Evans, Clement Anselm (1833 - 1911), editor

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Confederate Military History

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Volume 4. North Carolina / by D.H. Hill, Jr.

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Confederate Publishing Company

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1861 to 1865

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United States

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One of 12 volumes


CHAPTER I. First and Last Situation in the Beginning-Preparing for War The Dual Organizations of North Carolina Troops, State and Confederate
CHAPTER II. From Bethel to First Manassas Fighting Along the Coast Supplies of Clothing and Arms a Serious Difficulty
CHAPTER III. The Second Year Burnside s Expedition Roanoke Island Lost Battle at New Bern South Mills and Fort Macon Renewed Efforts to Raise More Troops
CHAPTER IV. The Federal Movements Against Richmond-Peninsular Campaign Dam No. i, or Lee s Mill Retreat up the Peninsula Williamsburg Hanover Court House Seven Pines Jackson’s Wonderful Valley Campaign
CHAPTER V. The Great Struggle of 1862 for Richmond-Battles of Mechanicsville Cold Harbor, Frayser’s Farm, Malvern Hill North Carolina Troops Conspicuous in all Engagements McClellan s Utter Defeat by Lee
CHAPTER VI. The Campaign Against Pope Cedar Mountain Gordonsville Warrenton Bristoe Station Groveton Second Manassas Chantilly, or Ox Hill Pope Defeated at all Points
CHAPTER VII. Lee’s Maryland Campaign The March to Frederick City The "Lost Order" Mountain Battles Crampton’s Gap Boonsboro Vigorous Skirmishing The Surrender of Harper s Ferry by the Federals Battle of Sharpsburg or Antietam First North Carolina Cavalry with J. E. B. Stuart in Pennsylvania
CHAPTER VIII. The Fredericksburg Campaign Affairs in North Carolina Supplies for Troops Brought by the Advance Engagements in North Carolina Battle near Goldsboro North Carolina Troops in the Western Army Battles of Murfreesboro and Stone’s River
CHAPTER IX. North Carolina in the Beginning of 1863 Gathering Fresh Supplies Demonstrations by D. H. Hill Against New Bern Fights at Deep Gully and Sandy Ridge Siege of Washington, N. C. Blunt s Mills and Gum Swamp
CHAPTER X. Chancellorsville Brandy Station Winchester Berryville Jordan Springs Middleburg Upperville Fairfax
CHAPTER XI. The Confederate Invasion of , Pennsylvania-Battle of Gettysburg North Carolinians in the Three Days Fighting on the Retreat The Potomac Recrossed by Lee’s Army Cavalry Fighting in Virginia during the Invasion of Pennsylvania
CHAPTER XII. Defense of Charleston North Carolinians in Mississippi The Battle of Chickamauga East Tennessee Campaigning North Carolina Cavalry in Virginia Infantry Engagements around Rappahannoek Station Fights at Kelly’s Ford, Bristoe and Payne s Farm
CHAPTER XIII. North Carolina Events, 1803-64 Federal Treatment of the Eastern Part of the State Military Operations in the State Ransom Recovers Suffolk Victory of Hoke and Cooke at Plymouth Gallant Fighting of the Albemarle Spring Campaign, 1864, in Virginia
CHAPTER XIV. The Wilderness, 1864 Grant Moves on Richmond—The Opening Battles of May The "Bloody Angle" Battle of Drewry’s Bluff Service of North Carolina Commands Hoke’s Division
CHAPTER XV. Services of the North Carolina Cavalry along the Rapidan Battle of Yellow Tavern The Second Cold Harbor Battle Early s Lynchburg and Maryland Campaigns Battles in the Valley of Virginia Activity of the Confederate Cavalry
CHAPTER XVI. Around Petersburg Beauregard’s Masterly Defense Lee’s Army in Place and Grant is Foiled The Attempt of Grant to Blow up the Fortifications Battle of the "Crater" The Dreary Trenches Reams Station The Fort Harrison Assault The Cavalry
CHAPTER XVII. The North Carolina Regiments in Tennessee and Georgia Campaigns, 1864 Events in North Carolina—Fort Fisher The Close of the Fourth Year-North Carolina Troops in Army Northern Virginia. 1865 Battles near Petersburg Hatcher s Run Fort Stedman Appomattox
CHAPTER XVIII. The Last Battles in North Carolina Gen. T. G. Martin’s Command Battles with Kirk and the Federal Marauders The Army under Gen. Joe Johnston Evacuation of Forts Fight at Town Creek Engagement at Kinston Battle at Averasboro Johnston Repulses Sherman at Bentonville Johnston Falls Back to Durham Surrender.

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